Cigar Cutter Skull & Rose Yellow Gold

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Cigar Cutter Skull & Rose Yellow Gold


Since 1985, Solyfonte has been creating art pieces in bronze and sterling silver for the greatest French luxury brands.

Today, Christophe Saint Romain and his team master all the ancestral knowledge of the art of molten metal.

Their expertise in ancient art mixed with modern technology allows them to push the limits of their creativity every day, their unbridled imagination has no limits and they are certainly not limited by political correctness.

One of Christophe's most famous secrets is the art of patina. In his studio in central France, he juggles acids and other foggy products to create patinas so deep that they sometimes look as if the sculpture is going to move.

Solyfonte creates unique and exclusive collections of art pieces in the world of fire and ST Dupont writing instruments for discerning collectors and aesthetes around the world.

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DIMENSIONS 4,9x6,5x0,77cm

MATERIAL Chrome, lacquer


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Care instructions

S.T. Dupont’s accessories are crafted by our artisans with the utmost care.


We recommend following these care tips to maintain their shine over time:



• Clean all surfaces with a soft cloth. Do not use solvent-based products.



• We strongly advise not putting ashtrays in the dishwasher; this could damage them.



• Sharpening the blades of our cigar cutters is not recommended.



• Clean lacquered surfaces as you would eyeglass lenses; fog them up, and wipe with a soft cloth. Lacquer is almost completely acid-proof. It is particularly resistant to shocks, scratches, friction, and water.



For leather cigar accessories, follow the same guidelines for leather bags.

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